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Diablo 3 Horadric Cache Items

Type: clear
Slot: clear



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Name Type Slot Rarity Sources
Avarice Band Ring Finger Legendary 3197 sources
Boots of Disregard Boots Feet Legendary 813 sources
Burst of Wrath Axe Main Hand Legendary 621 sources
Cloak of Deception Cloak Torso Legendary 973 sources
Coven's Criterion Shield Off-Hand Legendary 1194 sources
Death's Bargain Pants Legs Legendary 650 sources
Envious Blade Dagger Off-Hand Legendary 436 sources
Gloves of Worship Gloves Hands Legendary 2590 sources
Golden Gorget of Leoric Amulet Neck Legendary 12039 sources
Helltrapper Hand Crossbow Off-Hand Legendary 2055 sources
Illusory Boots Boots Feet Legendary 5384 sources
Insatiable Belt Belt Waist Legendary 733 sources
Mad Monarch's Scepter Mace Main Hand Legendary 3098 sources
Overwhelming Desire Amulet Neck Legendary 1268 sources
Pandemonium Loop Ring Finger Legendary 876 sources
Pauldrons of the Skeleton King Shoulders Shoulders Legendary 8278 sources
Pride's Fall Helm Head Legendary 3270 sources
Ring of Royal Grandeur Ring Finger Legendary 59727 sources
Salvation Crusader Shield Off-Hand Legendary 669 sources
Sanguinary Vambraces Bracer Bracers Legendary 7123 sources
Soulsmasher Mace Main Hand Legendary 418 sources
Showing results 0 to 25 of 21.