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The New DiabloNut

When Blizzard moved to Loot 2.0 the game's item system fundamentally changed and the old method of data collection and analysis became redundant.

Now that items have changed we set to work in devising an item database that would actually be useful to players who are looking to find out what is possible on items and their bonuses. Especially when it comes to Legendaries and Sets.

So what does DiabloNut 2.0 do?

Instead of providing you with a list of items, we wanted to go one step further and populate it with real data and usage.

DiabloNut now collects:

  • Information from all registered level 70 characters from the armory
  • Class and account breakdowns by region
  • Skills in each heroes slot
  • Items each hero is wearing
  • The bonuses seen on each item
  • The gems slotted in each item

See what others are wearing...

Are you wearing the optimal gear for your class? Use the power of community to find the most popular items in each slot for all classes.


See what bonuses have been seen on items...

Trying to roll a specific bonus on an item, check our our frequency lists for each bonus. See what is rolled every time or only some of the time.

  • The primary bonuses seen on any item, and the frequency.
  • The secondary bonuses seen on any item, and the frequency.
  • The gems seen on the item, and the frequency.
  • See who has equipped an item, and what else they have equipped.
  • More to come...

See what the popular skills are for each class...

Not sure what skill to put in your slots? check out our most popular skills lists by slot, each coming with popularity of runes.


Popular gems by slot and class...

Not sure what gem to put in your weapon or armor? check out the popular gems people are using for each of those slots.


Track your item history...

Can't remember what item you had before your awesome sword of doom? - We've got you covered with the Item History section.

Simply Import your battle tag and search for your profile, and each update we will check the items on your character and as you obtain new gear they will be added to your history.

Active development

As you can see we've been hard at work and we will continue to add and tweak features.

Community involvement with data collection and analysis is very important to the site and you can help by simply adding your BattleTag. It's as simple as that. The more you play the more data you provide for the whole community.

Any feedback you have can be posted in this thread.