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Diablo 3 Items

Type: clear
Slot: clear
Rarity: clear
List: clear



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Name Type Slot Rarity Sources
Breastplate of Akkhan Chest Armor Torso Set 7877 sources
Burden of the Invoker Shoulders Shoulders Set 3610 sources
Crown of the Invoker Helm Head Set 2791 sources
Cuisses of Akkhan Pants Legs Set 7733 sources
Eight-Demon Boots Boots Feet Set 5238 sources
Eyes of the Earth Helm Head Set 3676 sources
Firebird's Breast Chest Armor Torso Set 5209 sources
Firebird's Down Pants Legs Set 7502 sources
Firebird's Eye Orb Off-Hand Set 5307 sources
Firebird's Pinions Shoulders Shoulders Set 8055 sources
Firebird's Plume Helm Head Set 6633 sources
Firebird's Talons Gloves Hands Set 5771 sources
Firebird's Tarsi Boots Feet Set 7718 sources
Fists of Thunder Gloves Hands Set 5427 sources
Focus Ring Finger Set 18136 sources
Gauntlets of Akkhan Gloves Hands Set 8068 sources
Heart of the Crashing Wave Chest Armor Torso Set 4871 sources
Helltooth Gauntlets Gloves Hands Set 2970 sources
Helltooth Greaves Boots Feet Set 3554 sources
Helltooth Leg Guards Pants Legs Set 3892 sources
Helltooth Mantle Shoulders Shoulders Set 3901 sources
Helltooth Tunic Chest Armor Torso Set 3422 sources
Helm of Akkhan Helm Head Set 6345 sources
Immortal King's Boulder Breaker Mighty Weapon Main Hand Set 3696 sources
Immortal King's Eternal Reign Chest Armor Torso Set 6865 sources
Showing results 0 to 25 of 93.
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