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Diablo 3 Items

Type: clear
Slot: clear
Rarity: clear
List: clear



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Name Type Slot Rarity Sources
Blackthorne's Spurs Boots Feet Set 12038 sources
Marauder's Treads Boots Feet Set 11695 sources
Cain's Travelers Boots Feet Set 10049 sources
Fire Walkers Boots Feet Legendary 9147 sources
Captain Crimson's Waders Boots Feet Set 7989 sources
Ice Climbers Boots Feet Legendary 7865 sources
Firebird's Tarsi Boots Feet Set 7743 sources
Sabatons of Akkhan Boots Feet Set 7403 sources
The Crudest Boots Boots Feet Legendary 7014 sources
Zunimassa's Trail Boots Feet Set 6515 sources
Immortal King's Stride Boots Feet Set 5941 sources
Illusory Boots Boots Feet Legendary 5842 sources
Jade Harvester's Swiftness Boots Feet Set 5603 sources
Irontoe Mudsputters Boots Feet Legendary 5420 sources
Raekor's Striders Boots Feet Set 5340 sources
Eight-Demon Boots Boots Feet Set 5252 sources
Natalya's Bloody Footprints Boots Feet Set 5224 sources
Asheara's Finders Boots Feet Set 4771 sources
Hell Walkers Boots Feet Set 4607 sources
Sabaton of the Wastes Boots Feet Set 4204 sources
Vyr's Swaggering Stance Boots Feet Set 4163 sources
Helltooth Greaves Boots Feet Set 3583 sources
Lut Socks Boots Feet Legendary 3481 sources
Boj Anglers Boots Feet Legendary 3402 sources
Nilfur's Boast Boots Feet Legendary 2467 sources
Showing results 0 to 25 of 7354.
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