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Diablo 3 Torment Items

Type: clear
Slot: clear



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Name Type Slot Rarity Sources
Restraint Ring Finger Set 18977 sources
Focus Ring Finger Set 18266 sources
Marauder's Spines Shoulders Shoulders Set 12462 sources
Marauder's Encasement Pants Legs Set 12068 sources
Marauder's Treads Boots Feet Set 11688 sources
Marauder's Visage Helm Head Set 11119 sources
Marauder's Carapace Chest Armor Torso Set 10207 sources
Marauder's Gloves Gloves Hands Set 9732 sources
Inna's Temperance Pants Legs Set 8661 sources
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit Chest Armor Torso Set 8608 sources
Pauldrons of Akkhan Shoulders Shoulders Set 8212 sources
Gauntlets of Akkhan Gloves Hands Set 8084 sources
Firebird's Pinions Shoulders Shoulders Set 8066 sources
Immortal King's Tribal Binding Mighty Belt Waist Set 7971 sources
Mask of Jeram Voodoo Mask Head Legendary 7893 sources
Breastplate of Akkhan Chest Armor Torso Set 7891 sources
Cuisses of Akkhan Pants Legs Set 7742 sources
Firebird's Tarsi Boots Feet Set 7728 sources
Sunwuko's Balance Shoulders Shoulders Set 7557 sources
Sunwuko's Paws Gloves Hands Set 7536 sources
Firebird's Down Pants Legs Set 7511 sources
Sabatons of Akkhan Boots Feet Set 7396 sources
Tal Rasha's Allegiance Amulet Neck Set 7280 sources
Inna's Vast Expanse Chest Armor Torso Set 6967 sources
Immortal King's Eternal Reign Chest Armor Torso Set 6893 sources
Showing results 0 to 25 of 93.
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