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Inna's Radiance

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Inna's Radiance

    Inna's Radiance is a Spirit Stone item of Set rarity, that goes in the Head slot. This item is found inside Torment mode only.

    Class Usage

    This item is mostly used by the following classes:


    From a total of 3586 sources. Classes with under 2% are hidden.

    Further Information

    Inna's Radiance is a helm from the Inna's Mantra set, most of which can be worn by any class.  However, this item can only be worn by Monks. There are four other components that make up this set:

    Set Bonuses:

    (2) Items:

    • +250 Dexterity
    • Gain 124 Life per Spirit Spent (Monk Only)

    (3) Items:

    • Increases Spirit Regeneration by 2.00 per Second (Monk Only)
    • Reduces resource cost of Sweeping Wind by 70 Spirit (Monk Only)

    (4) Items:

    • Gain the base effect of all four Mantras at all times.

    Special Note

    The Ring of Royal Grandeur reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2).