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Diablo 3 Quests Diablo 3 Quests - Diablo 3 Database - DiabloNut.com
Name Description Act
The Fallen Star A star has fallen in New Tristram. Protect the town from the vile dead that have risen since it fell. Act I
The Legacy of Cain Deckard Cain was lost in the cathedral when it was struck by the falling star. Discover his fate. Act I
A Shattered Crown The crown of the mad King Leoric has been lost to the ages. Find it so that you may destroy the Skeleton King. Act I
Reign of the Black King Put an end to the Skeleton King to free New Tristram from his army of the dead. Act I
Sword of the Stranger The man who fell from the sky remembers only a shattered sword of power. Find the pieces of the sword to restore his mind. Act I
The Broken Blade Find a way to retrieve the second piece of the Stranger's sword from the ancient ruins known as the Drowned Temple. Act I
The Doom in Wortham Retrieve the third and final piece of the Stranger's sword from Wortham before the Coven lays claim to it. Act I
Trailing the Coven The Coven has killed Deckard Cain and taken the angel who fell from the sky. Hunt them down and make them pay for their actions. Act I
The Imprisoned Angel Save the angel from mad King Leoric's torture chambers and reunite him with his sword, no matter the cost. Act I
Return to New Tristram The fallen angel is Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice. Meet him in New Tristram to set out for the great city of Caldeum. Act I
Shadows in the Desert Maghda's coven terrorizes the Borderlands around the great city of Caldeum. Seek them out and exact your revenge. Act II
The Road to Alcarnus The Coven has blocked all roads to Alcarnus. Take the pass that leads through the Khasim Outpost. Act II
City of Blood Alcarnus has fallen to the Coven, its streets running red with the blood of its citizens. Kill Maghda and free the city. Act II
A Royal Audience Demons hide in plain sight under the guise of Caldeum's Imperial Guard. Show the emperor that he is surrounded by deceit and lies. Act II
Unexpected Allies Leah's mother Adria is alive, but she is being held in the sewers of Caldeum by agents of Belial. Rescue her. Act II
Betrayer of the Horadrim Retrieve the disembodied head of the dark Horadrim Zoltun Kulle to learn the secret of the Black Soulstone. Act II
Blood and Sand The blood of Zoltun Kulle is the key to opening the Shadow Realm where his body is hidden away. Find his blood that he may be resurrected. Act II
The Black Soulstone The Black Soulstone is the key to defeating the last two Lords of Hell. Resurrect Zoltun Kulle so that he will activate it. Act II
The Scouring of Caldeum Save the citizens of Caldeum from the wrath of Belial. Act II
Lord of Lies The demon lord Belial hides himself away inside the Emperor's Palace. Find him and kill him. Act II
The Siege of Bastion's Keep Bastion's Keep is all that stands between Azmodan's invasion and the fall of Sanctuary. Light its beacon fires to rally the troops. Act III
Turning the Tide Drive the demons from the walls of Bastion's Keep so that the catapults can be raised. Act III
The Breached Keep The demons invade the keep from a breach deep inside its depths. Locate the breach and face whatever foul creature created it. Act III
Tremors in the Stone Save Leah from the malevolent horrors threatening to break free from the confines of the Black Soulstone. Act III
Machines of War Azmodan's infernal war machines batter the keep from a distance. Take to the battlefields and destroy them. Act III
Siegebreaker The famed Rakkis Crossing bristles with demons screaming for blood. Kill them so that you may finally enter the crater where Azmodan hides. Act III
Heart of Sin Descend into Azmodan's hellish crater and face the Lord of Sin. Act III
Fall of the High Heavens Fight your way through the demonic onslaught blocking your entrance into the Heavens. Act IV
The Light of Hope Auriel has been captured by Rakanoth, the Lord of Despair. Free her and restore hope to the High Heavens. Act IV
Beneath the Spire Track Diablo's corruption to the Silver Spire, the very heart of the High Heavens. Act IV
Prime Evil Ascend the Silver Spire and battle Diablo, the Prime Evil. Act IV
The Fall of Westmarch Westmarch is under attack. Find and protect any survivors of the terrible onslaught. Act V
Souls of the Dead The death maidens employ soul crucibles to strip the souls from the citizens of Westmarch, transforming them into revenant soldiers. These crucibles must be destroyed. Act V
The Harbinger Confront Malthael's lieutenant, Urzael, who leads the attack on Westmarch. Act V
The Witch A vision from the Mystic reveals that Adria is the only one who can find Malthael. Hunt her down in the marsh outside Westmarch to learn what she knows and to settle an old score. Act V
The Pandemonium Gate Journey to the High Heavens with Tyrael and use the angels' gate to reach Pandemonium. Act V
The Battlefields of Eternity Search the ancient battlefields of Pandemonium for a way to breach the fortress where Malthael waits. Act V
Breaching the Fortress Use the battering ram to crush Malthael's defenses and break through the Pandemonium Fortress gate. Act V
Angel of Death Navigate the Pandemonium Fortress and stop Malthael before his massacre is complete. Act V