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Diablo 3 Quests Diablo 3 Quests - Diablo 3 Database - DiabloNut.com
Name Description Act
The Fall of Westmarch Westmarch is under attack. Find and protect any survivors of the terrible onslaught. Act V
Souls of the Dead The death maidens employ soul crucibles to strip the souls from the citizens of Westmarch, transforming them into revenant soldiers. These crucibles must be destroyed. Act V
The Harbinger Confront Malthael's lieutenant, Urzael, who leads the attack on Westmarch. Act V
The Witch A vision from the Mystic reveals that Adria is the only one who can find Malthael. Hunt her down in the marsh outside Westmarch to learn what she knows and to settle an old score. Act V
The Pandemonium Gate Journey to the High Heavens with Tyrael and use the angels' gate to reach Pandemonium. Act V
The Battlefields of Eternity Search the ancient battlefields of Pandemonium for a way to breach the fortress where Malthael waits. Act V
Breaching the Fortress Use the battering ram to crush Malthael's defenses and break through the Pandemonium Fortress gate. Act V
Angel of Death Navigate the Pandemonium Fortress and stop Malthael before his massacre is complete. Act V