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Furious Charge - Skill - Diablo 3 Database -
Furious Charge
Cost: 1 Charge
Generate: 15 Fury

Rush forward knocking back and dealing 600% weapon damage to enemies along your path.

You gain a charge every 10 seconds and can have up to 1 charge stored at a time.
Unlocked at Level 21.
Quick Facts
  • Can be aimed at the ground
  • Is usable in Town
  • Can be targeted at enemies
  • Can ONLY be aimed at the ground
  • Don't move closer if out of range
  • Cannot use if Stunned
  • Immune To Recoil
  • Immune To Knockback
  • Cannot be Interrupted


Name Level Unlocked Tooltip
Merciless Assault
33 Recharge time is reduced by 2 seconds for every enemy hit. This effect can reduce the recharge time by up to 10 seconds.
38 Generate 10 additional Fury for each enemy hit while charging.
Cold Rush
47 All enemies hit are Frozen for 2.5 seconds.

Furious Charge's damage turns into Cold.
56 Store up to 3 charges of Furious Charge.

Furious Charge's damage turns into Lightning.
Battering Ram
27 Increase the damage to 1050% weapon damage as Fire.
*Var Stats seem to be the old tooltip that Blizzard used and thus contains some useful and some out of date information.
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