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Overpower - Skill - Diablo 3 Database - DiabloNut.com
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Deal 380% weapon damage to all targets within 9 yards.

Critical Hits have a chance to reduce the cooldown of Overpower by 1 second.
Unlocked at Level 9.
Quick Facts
  • Cannot assign to LMB
  • Is usable in Town
  • Can be targeted at enemies
  • Can ONLY be aimed at the ground
  • Immune To Recoil
  • Immune To Knockback


Name Level Unlocked Tooltip
Killing Spree
23 Your Critical Hit Chance is increased by 8% for 5 seconds.

Overpower's damage turns into Lightning.
Storm of Steel
15 Throw up to 3 axes at nearby enemies that each deal 380% weapon damage.
49 Increase damage to 760% weapon damage as Fire.
39 Generate 5 Fury for each enemy hit by Overpower.
Crushing Advance
32 Redirect 35% of incoming melee damage back to the attacker for 5 seconds after Overpower is activated.
*Var Stats seem to be the old tooltip that Blizzard used and thus contains some useful and some out of date information.
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