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Smoke Screen - Skill - Diablo 3 Database - DiabloNut.com
Smoke Screen
Cost: 14 Discipline
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Vanish behind a wall of smoke, becoming momentarily invisible for 1 seconds.

This ability does not start its cooldown until after its effects expire.
Unlocked at Level 8.
Quick Facts
  • Cannot assign to LMB
  • Is usable in Town
  • Can target allies
  • Breaks Immobilize
  • Breaks Root
  • Breaks Snare
  • Breaks Stun
  • Breaks Fear


Name Level Unlocked Tooltip
Vanishing Powder
59 Remove the Discipline cost but increase the cooldown to 6 seconds.
Lingering Fog
23 Increase the duration to 1.5 seconds.
Healing Vapors
33 Regenerate 15% Life while invisible.
Special Recipe
44 Reduce the cost to 8 Discipline.
14 Gain 100% movement speed while invisible.
*Var Stats seem to be the old tooltip that Blizzard used and thus contains some useful and some out of date information.
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