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Seven-Sided Strike - Skill - Diablo 3 Database - DiabloNut.com
Seven-Sided Strike
Cost: 50 Spirit
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Dash rapidly between nearby enemies, dealing 5677% weapon damage over 7 strikes.

This ability does not start its cooldown until after its effects expire.
Unlocked at Level 17.
Quick Facts
  • Is usable in Town
  • Can be targeted at enemies
  • Immune To Knockback
  • Cancels Character Actions
  • Is Invulnerable During
  • Cannot be Interrupted


Name Level Unlocked Tooltip
Sudden Assault
23 Teleport to the enemy and increase damage dealt to 8285% weapon damage as Lightning over 7 strikes.
29 Seven-Sided Strike causes enemies to burn for 630% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.
37 Removes the Spirit cost and enemies hit by Seven-Sided Strike are Frozen for 7 seconds.
Sustained Attack
43 Reduce the cooldown to 14 seconds.
Fulminating Onslaught
60 Each strike explodes, dealing 877% weapon damage as Holy in a 7 yard radius around the enemy.
*Var Stats seem to be the old tooltip that Blizzard used and thus contains some useful and some out of date information.
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